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So I am devastated with the latest announcement that the ADT SmartThings system will now be discontinue as of June 1, 2021.

I’ve invested a lot of time getting this set up for my home as well as made recommendations to several others as it was one of the few systems that would easily allow to integrate many third party smart devices and still have it’s own professionally monitored system.
I also still feel the sting coming from Lowes Iris when they shut down, and that’s the only reason why I migrated most of my systems to ADT SmartThings. At least for Lowes, you could request a partial refund for all devices that were attached to the system, but as of right now, it seems that ADT will require you to submit a refund for EACH device. You have to enter the model and serial for each device.

I realize that this system being discontinued probably has more to do with ADT rather than SmartThings, probably because they want to develop their own system, but they should have allowed the system to work as a standalone unit since it still has the ability to act as the hub for other smart devices. I’ll update this post with any relevant information as I go through the refund process.

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