Dual Wireless Switch

Ok, so I know there have been a few topics on this, but the ones I have seen are a couple years old, so I’m hoping there are more/better solutions at this point.

First, my setup. In my kitchen, I have a 2 gang box with a dual switch and a single switch (see attached image). One switch controls my garage light, the second some overhead kitchen lights and the third controls under cabinet lights. I want to get the kitchen and under cabinet lights on SmartThings. I can’t extend the box to be a 3 gang box because it is on a wall with a tile backsplash and I don’t want to risk totally screwing up the backsplash (it actually used to be only 2 switches…I added the dual switch when I added the under cabinet lights). Ideally, I would replace the dual switch with a wireless dual switch, but from what I have read, there either isn’t a wireless replacement, or at least not a good one. I have seen other topics talk about the Enerwave relays, which seems like a good option. The only thing I don’t really like about that is the light switches could be in the on position but the light is off and vice versa. Not a huge deal, but I can see the wife not being a big fan of that…not to mention it would most likely confuse my 6 year old. This is probably a given, but I want to be able to control the switches independently.

My only other option, which I’m trying to avoid due to it being a pain, would be to move the garage light switch out into the garage (the wall it is on is between the kitchen and garage) and then just have the two switches inside. I could then just use two wireless single switches. This would work, but I would rather keep all the switches inside.

All that being said, are there any good solutions for this setup currently? Any help is much appreciated.

Sorry, I’m confused. That’s a faceplate for a dual gang box with one light switch and one inwall receptacle. Not a dual switch, although there are some non-networked switches made to fit into that space.

So I just want to be sure that the networked device would be replacing something like this on the right side of your installation.

Can you post a picture of the installed setup that you are trying to replace? I just want to be sure that we’re answering the question you’re asking.

If you’re looking for two switches in a single gang format, there’s only one that works with smartthings, so it’s probably the one you already saw in the forums: the Leviton vrcs2.

Unfortunately, that one isn’t going to fit the faceplate that you showed, I know wasn’t clear if you were trying to retain the existing faceplate.

There are also some dual relays that can be placed in the wall behind a switch that might work for you. That would work for the right side of the installation, but it would leave the left side unmet worked.

First, though, it would be helpful to get a little better idea of what you’re trying to accomplish. Then we can be more specific. :sunglasses: Do you want network control of two switches, or all three? And are you trying to retain the existing faceplate?

Ok…so yes, the networked device I would like would replace a switch like this.

Sorry, I’m not at home currently or I would take a picture of it. It is 3 light switches. One single switch and one dual switch like the one pictured above.

I only need networked control of two switches and I don’t necessarily care about the faceplate. I’m assuming if I went with the Leviton switch you mentioned I would need a faceplate similar to this?

Also, with that Leviton switch…I thought I read another thread here that said that switch wouldn’t really pair with the SmartThings hub well, or that SmartThings couldn’t easily control each switch independently. Is that still the case or has that been resolved? If they can be controlled independently by SmartThings, I would imagine this would be the easiest way to go.

Thanks for the clarification. :sunglasses:

Yes, on the faceplate with the long rectangular cutout.

The VRCS2 will give you separate control of the two switches, and a number of community members are using it. Reports are that it’s still somewhat annoying to get paired during the initial set up, but after that everything seems to work fine. You can just add a question to the end of that thread and ask the people who are actually using it for their current experiences.

Thanks. Unfortunately it seems that Leviton switch may be at end of life as I can’t really find anywhere to purchase it. I may give the dual relay switch a try.

Yes, Leviton is bringing out a new line Of zwave plus models soon, and we don’t know yet whether they are going to have a new model of the VRCS2 or not.

Some of the specialty home automation retailers still have it in stock, or you could wait to see if there’s a new model, or you could go with a dual relay.

A Relay will cost a lot less, and there are Z wave plus models already available.


You do have some other options you didn’t list which is to combine the kitchen lights as one switch and you could upgrade it to a dimmer if your existing lights are compatible. This is an easy solution to go with for now and see what the wife thinks. I did a similar solution in the kitchen and it turns out the wife didn’t really use the independent control of the cabinet light and the ceiling lights as much as she thought she would. If after a month she really wants to control both separately then get the Enerwave and move the “spare” smart dimmer to another use.