Smart Switch to replace double gang light switch?

I am looking for recommendation to replace two double light switches. I have attached the picture of my switch in my foyer. The distance between the two screws is approximately 1 3/4"

I am hoping there is a smart switch that will fit in this location. I appreciate any help you can offer.
Thank you!

You mean the spacing between the screws for the switch on the left is 1 3/4" from the screws for the switch on the right? Yes, that’s pretty standard. If you have a standard 2-gang box, then you should be able to use two smart switches. You’ll need to have sufficient depth and hopefully not a rat’s nest of wires there. If the existing 2-gang box is too small, you should be able to replace with an “old work” box that’s deeper.

How about taking the switch plate off and taking another picture? Maybe I’m not understanding what you believe the limitation might be. Usually, the question is … do I have a neutral?

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Double gang = 2 single switches.

Thank you Luther.
You are correct. The spacing between the top left screw and the top right screw is approximately 1 3/4".
Here is a picture with the plate off.
So, are you telling me that in lieu of one double smart switch, I can install two smart switches in this location?

Exactly. Each switch controls a separate light, correct? Then you can replace either or both dumb switches with smart switches … but …

the switch on the right doesn’t appear to have “On” stamped on it. That, and the fact that it is slightly larger, could possibly mean that is one of two switches that control the same light. Is there another switch for the same light in another location? If so, you’ll need a smart switch and a smart add-on switch (assuming you are going with the Jasco/GE/Honeywell switches).


Hi @dave.livelsberger,

Try using this Z-wave Plus dual switch relay. It will allow you to keep your current switches connected.

If keeping the existing switches is a goal, or he wants to save some money, then sure. However, we should probably know whether that switch on the right is a 3-way or not. Also, the description for this product also says incandescent/resistive loads over 20 watts only, which would rule out typical LED lights. That seems odd, though, since it is a relay and requires neutral anyway.

I stand corrected and thanks @Luther.

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