Dry relay output to Z Wave?

Our Security Company has agreed to install what they call a dry relay output board during our upcoming security system install (motion sensors, door open/close sensors etc).

The board would operate as follows. Lounge motion detector can activate relay 1, kitchen activate relay 2, dining room ,relay 3 etc. They say ‘this would imply that you could have a 8 channel output module next to the lighting system if the lighting system has controllable inputs.’

I am trying to work out how to use this relay output to convert these relays to convert to z-wave inputs such that I can then perform actions such as turn on the lights when the kitchen relay is triggered (via a motion sensor in the kitchen).

I’ve seen the Fibaro Universal Sensor, is this what I’m looking for? Would I need to buy 8 of these (or 4 since they appear to each take 2 inputs)?

I am still coming up to speed on all the technical terms, so if you could try and keep responses relatively simple (plug and play preferable!), it would be appreciated.


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@davidjc you could use Konnected (https://konnected.io) wired to your dry contact relays to make those outputs show up in SmartThings. It doesn’t use Z-wave, but the end result is exactly the same.


Ok, thanks. Do you have a reasonably simple set of instructions that I can give to my Security Company in terms of wiring the Dry Relay Outputs to the Konnected platform?

Out of interest, if it doesn’t use z-wave, how does it communicate with Smartthings?


Our documentation is located here:

In short it’s very simple. Just connect each zone on the Konnected board to the corresponding relay output so when the relay is closed, it completes the circuit. When the relay opens, Konnected will see the zone as open.

Konnected uses WiFi and a custom SmartApp to communicate with ST.

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Excellent, thanks. Do you have the link I can use to purchase a Konnected Board?

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Ordered! One question, and then I’ll read the literature, but does the fact that the Security Company have added a Dry Output Relay help integrate with Konnect, as I believe you have a solution even without them providing anything additional to the standard Alarm Control Board?

A relay is necessary to use the current Konnected Alarm Panel product in parallel with an existing alarm system. We’re currently developing a new product, tentatively named Konnected Alarm Panel Interface, that will be able to “piggyback” on an existing traditional alarm panel without a relay. This new product will be entering beta testing in May and probably won’t be available in production until July.

Most of our customers using the current Konnected Alarm Panel product are using it to replace a traditional alarm system panel. This is what it was originally designed for.

Thanks. So why does it imply that the Konnected version I’ve ordered will only be available in May if it is the existing version? No issue though, as May is just around the corner! Just wanted to check if I’m getting the existing or new version?

Because we’ve had some delays with manufacturing and parts availability and haven’t been able to keep up with the demand for the Konnected Alarm Panel product. We have a couple more big shipments due from manufacturing in May.

Excellent, I look forward to mine! Thanks.