Dropcam Support

So I have a couple of preexisting dropcams, and I would LOVE to get them integrated into my Smartthings system. The app failed me, so I chatted with support. Evidently, there WAS support at one time, but Samsung has dropped this particular cam! Anyway, I’m hoping that someone in these forums can point me in the right direction, so I don’t have to ditch the whole nest platform in my gang-ho effort at letting Samsung automate my home!

As an aside, doesn’t it seem weird that Smartthings was an early adopter of Google Home, but seems to be resisting the whole Nest framework? Actually, it seems to me that even Google is resistant to integrating with Nest, since GH and Chromecast don’t currently support Dropcam/nest cam…

Honestly, the Nest app far exceeds SmartThings in user experience.

However, there is an unofficial Nest Manager SmartThings SmartApp and it’s very good. If you make your cams public you should be able to have your video in SmartThings and much more. The SmartApp also supports the other Nest products.

BTW, posting in one thread is probably enough.

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Didn’t realize that I’d posted this in multiple threads. Apologies. Actually, I thought that I’d made my own thread! Not sure how it came to be posted in others… but I’m a noob here, so you’ll have to cut me some slack! You’ll. Have. To. Cut. Me. Slack. Because.