Driveway Sensor Turn On Lights - Only Between Certain Times?

I am new to ST and still learning the ropes. Trying to add a little smarts to what I have deployed.

My Config:
-Dakota Alert MURS Wireless Vehicle Sensor, Black (MAPS BS Kit) + Aeotec by Aeon Labs ZW097 Dry Contact Sensor (Driveway Sensor)
-ST v2
-Many Z-Wave switches
-Dual Enerwave Z-Wave Plus Switch Module (Outside lights)

I have outside lights turning on at sunset and off at 1:00am. However, if someone comes down my 1000’ driveway triggering my driveway sensor between 1:00am and sunrise, I want all of the outside lights to turn on. I tried to do this with ST and also looked for device handlers, but not exactly sure what I am looking for. Any thoughts on how to do this?


Hi there,

Its very feasible with core.
I would suggest to read on “CORE” by doing a search on the forum.
There are plenty of knowledgeable out there and to be honest if you are a tinker its quite easy to mess around with.
Give it a try!

Sounds like a simple Smart Lights automation - turn lights on when contact closes between 1am-sunrise (you’ll see the options appear as you enter the Smart Lighting parameters).

If not already installed, go to Marketplace/SmartApps/Lights & Switches and select Smart Lights…

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Welcome! :sunglasses: If I understand your question, The official smart lighting should do this easily.

First you select the lights to turn on, then you select how you want to turn it on (with the Aeotec Dry contact), then use the more options to specify the time frame.

It worked!! Thanks gang. Really appreciate all the support. I look forward to getting up to speed so I can contribute, instead of just being the helped.

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