Creating routine for garage lights?

I would like to create a routine that turns the outside lights on when I drive up the driveway. I created the routine based on where my mobile phone is, but can I do this only after sunset? This would be a second condition…

Use the Smart Lighting app instead. You can have it turn on when someone arrives but only between sunset and sunrise (or specific times).

Thank you. I tried that and it works perfectly. :smile:

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I use the Dakota Alert 2500 and an open closed zwave door sensor…so it works with anyone! Car/person walking…

How do u then tell it to turn off in 10 minutes after u arrive?

You can set a power limit of 10 mins on the lights if you don’t ever need to keep them on but that doesn’t give you flexibility. This is probably best done using WebCore… If presence sensor changed to Arrived, Turn on lights, wait 10 mins, turn off.