Dresden FLS-PP-IP not getting white chips to light

I have two Dresden devices each connected to a LED strip with dedicated white LEDs, however I’m unable to get the white chips to illuminate. The RGB LEDs light to make white, but the dedicated whites do not light.

The two LED strips are from different manufacturers and were advertised as having separate white LEDs and I see them on the strips.

All other colors seem to work just fine via commands from the color picker of the Smartthings app through the Samsung Hub.

The device handler, as far as I can tell, is for the Dresden FLS-PP3 device. What do I need to do to get the white LEDs to energize?


I emailed Dresden support and this was part of their answer,
“The App[Smart Things] of them will just show up one light. The FLS-PP lp is programmed as two virtual lights. The RGB light and the W-Channel of the light.”

There is some excellent work here in the community by “sticks18” that accesses the white channel.