Lightify RGBW Led Strip Compatibility

I just recently bought a Lightify RGBW LED strip (but not the Lightify hub) as it this was recently certified for use with Smart Things.

I was able to connect it and made sure that the device type is correct in the IDE, but I’m having issues with the color change - the WHITE & RED leds don’t work. The leds reflect the colorwheel changes I make for green and blue, but when I put it on a region that needs a mix of red, the green or blue leds are on but red and white leds are completely off. Putting pure red on the color wheel also results in the strip with no light at all.

The WHITE leds do work though, but only when I turn on the strip from the power mains. Any time I use the color wheel the white leds turn off, at no point in the color wheel does the white or red leds turn on.

Is this a firmware issue perhaps, meaning buy a lightify hub to check for a firmware update?

No problems here. All colors worked out of the box. Just got off of Amazon about 2 weeks ago. Also White works fine and bright. Make sure all the connections are good. Also which handler are you using? I’m using This one

I’m using the OSRAM Lightify LED Flexible RGBW handler as I expected this is officially supported and will have no issues. Haven’t tried any custom handlers yet, I’ll give the one you pointed out a try.

The official one should work, if you get it working with the community device type, let SmartThings know because that’s not right.

If you get the same results with the community device type it could be that your LED strip is damaged somehow.

The red leds do work, but only when I select a white below ~3200k. If I adjust the slider and go above this color temp, the white/red leds turn off and the blues turn on. Anything in the color wheel, the red/white leds don’t turn on.

I thought that the led strip could be damaged, but I tested each of the 3 strips separately and they’re all showing the same behavior. I’ve used the official handler and custom rgbw handlers, same behavior. Does it look like a firmware issue with the lightify controller or an outright defective unit?

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Silly question maybe but is the strip plugged into the controller the wrong way or something maybe? Some light strips have a molded plug that wouldn’t let you do that though but worth a check.