Drayton Wiser Heat Hub error

Hello everybody,

First of all sorry for my bad english, I am not native.

I have a Drayton Wiser WV724R kit. I tried to setup it but I encountered some issues.
I enabled the WiFi of the HeatHub, I connected to that network and when I connected the Heat Hub to my WiFi network, suddenly the Internet went down. The Hub entered in a state in which I cannot control it anymore.
I tried a factory reset with no luck.

LEDs are blinking at about 30s(Setup - yellow, Hot Water - green, Heating -green).

Does anyone have an idea how can I restore it to a functional state?

Thank you for your help!

This is the SmartThings community forum and not the Wiser support centre.

To get any support to your Wiser Heat Hub, contact Drayton Wiser directly:


Already did that before I posted here.

But thx anyway. You can close this topic.