Double Tap Mode Switch

Just wrote a SmartApp that I didn’t see anywhere else. It’s basically a version of the Double Tap, but instead of controlling other switches, it executes a pair of Hello, Home phrases: one on Double ON and another on Double OFF. I use it to execute the Good Night! action when I go to bed and turn off the lights in my bedroom.


Got this setup and working, but having issues with getting it to fire reliably. There was another double tap app in the community that directly controlled devices instead of modes and it behaved the same. I have to double tap 5, 10… even 15 times to get it to fire. OFF seems to be more reliable than ON. Any ideas how to troubleshoot this? I’ve already eliminated range as an issue and once it fires, it reliably turns on/off half a dozen items.

It’s not really a double tap. More like two slow taps: two thousand twenty-two, two thousand twenty-three. Also, the dimmers are even flakier. If the first tap changes the mode, then you have to wait for it to finish fade-in/out before the second tap. Or first turn it ON or OFF and then do the two-tap.

It’s not ideal, but I still find it faster than reaching for the phone, unlocking it, launching the app, opening the messages view, pull-up menu, scrolling to the right action and then finally taping it and waiting for the spinning wheel…

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I completely agree and plan to leave it configured. I too found that the dimmer made it 100 times worse so I moved it to the switch. I just wasn’t seeing anyone talk about it and thought it might be just me. Realistically this is why we are all asking for scene controllers :smile:

I’ll try some more timings to see if I can get it dialed in but for now I have found that if I just double tap over and over again it eventually works.

This is great. I set it up on my switch for the porch light by the door and will try it out over the next few days. I set it to “good Night” for the off settings and the “I’m Back” for the on setting. This will be helpful when my alarm goes off because my presence has glitches every once and a while (I plan on moving my hum and router to fix that).

@sudarkoff I was trying to incorporate the double-tap with a Linear dimmer without much success. In the log, I never see consecutive “On” or “Off” commands regardless of how many times I press the physical switch. Does ST see the physical presses, but not show it in the log if it doesn’t change state?

I don’t have any Linear dimmers to try this, so I don’t know whether they work at all. But dimmers are kinda funny in general. The short answer - I don’t recognize using Double Tap with any dimmers. The longer answer - when you tap ON or OFF for the first time, the dimmer is taking its time to do its thing and it’s really difficult to get the timing of the second tap right. If you’re stuck with a dimmer (like I am in a couple of rooms) and cannot install any other buttons or use a remote, make sure the dimmer is in the desired position first (ON or OFF) before doing the double tap. To avoid timing issues. And Double-Tap is really a misnomer. It’s just two consecutive taps with a good second or two between them.