Double light switch?

(Augusto Cesar Moreno) #1

Any double light switch that works with ST? Thanks

(Jimmy) #2

For what country?

(Augusto Cesar Moreno) #3

It’s in the USA

(Jimmy) #4

ok. Is it two switches in a single gang box, or two switches in a double gang box?

(Augusto Cesar Moreno) #5


I’m looking for something like this but smart, that works with SmartThings, I can’t seem to find one online. The reason is all of my light switches have at least 2. So a single one wouldn’t work.

(Jimmy) #6

If you take the cover off, that is just two single switches. So you buy two switches.

(Augusto Cesar Moreno) #7

Wow, didn’t really think of that. Thanks!


Hi @Goose702,

You should get a 2 switch relay. You will have a lot cheaper automation.