Door Status alert if open at specific time of day?

I am trying to figure out how I can be notified about the status if a door only if it is “open” at a certain time of the day each day (not to be confused with “being opened at that moment in time” . Smartthings apps can only do this with a “triggered event” or “being opened at that moment in time.” In my situation the door could be opened during the day and I am okay with it. But sometimes I go to sleep and I forget to close it. Smartthings app also has a timer after the door opens to notify status. But that wont work either because again I am okay with the door left open during the day but I want it closed at night. Any help would be appreciated.


I use this app from ST developer @tslagle13 :

You will need to go to this ST IDE:
And add it as a new app for you from the above code link:

And add it with this option:

Insert the code for the app (from the original code page, use the RAW code option):

Now you need to click on Save option followed by clicking on the Publish and then the To Me option.

The last steps are reletively easy.
go to the Market place in the ST app-> SmartApps-> + More Apps -> Is my home secure? (Follow the simple steps for different events).

PM me if you need more help.