Door sensor triggering different sets of lights depending on Mode

(Lizz) #1

I have a door sensor that I’m using to trigger a “Meal Time” scenario.

I want to have different lights on and Sonos stations playing in my kitchen area depending on the time of day when the Meal Time sensor is open.

It seems like I could do this with a combination of Actions and Modes but there is no “Mode checking” capability within the door sensor screen.

I would like “When Meal Sensor is Open, turn on certain lights BUT only in Evening Mode.”

Am I approaching this the wrong way?

Would love some help :slight_smile:

(Keith Croshaw) #2

Running through the different things built into ST this doesn’t sound possible other than using:

Which is awesome!


This should be doable with standard hello home phrases. It’s just they have one strange quirk: you will only be given access to the motion sensor option if you set the Hello Home Action up to change the mode. But you only have to do that the very first time you set it up, you can then go back in and take out the mode change and it will still work.

And you will need to set up one HHA for each variation.

So not the most elegant, and you May prefer one of the community-created options.

(Lizz) #4

Thanks JD,

I think that refers only to motions detectors. I’m using the SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor to indicate “Meal Time”.

(Lizz) #5

Wow did you make this? Very cool!

For my sensor though, only temperature seems to be a trigger option. I would like to trigger on open/close.


My bad. But then there is a different trick to it, the Hello Home Action can be set to run the lights based on the contact sensor only in specific modes.

The only mildly confusing part is that for the HHA you list the modes when you do NOT want the HHA to run, rather than specifying the one when it does.

Now the trick.

The Sonos control can be set separately, but this time you choose the mode when you do want it to run, which will run on the change TO that mode.

So The trick is to have the HHA run in one mode when triggered by the contact sensor and change to a new mode, and have the change to that new mode be what triggers the Sonos. Two modes to get to one scene.

Again, not graceful. So you will probably prefer custom code.

(Lizz) #7

Yeah I came across those too. So complicated.

Why is this one exclusionary - the modes I don’t want? Weird.

Kind of a mess. Guess I need to learn Groovy.


Or use one of the two community created rules engines, they are both simple and powerful.

(Lizz) #9

Yeah that does look cool :smile: :thumbsup:

(Keith Croshaw) #10

I wish I were that talented. Credit goes to @JoeC on that one. It is simple and it just works for all sort of scenarios that hello home is just too confusing or incapable of.