Door Sensor that works with ADT

I am currently transferring my home from iris and have run into a door sensor problem.
I have a Smartthings ADT hub and have connected about 1/3 of my devices but I have an outdoor shed the was connected to iris, and worked fine. I have tried using an ADT Smartthings door sensor but there seems to be an issues with connectivity or the sensor working in an outdoor type environment.
I have installed 2 z-wave signal boosters and have a GE Z-wave outlet in the same line of site to the hub.
When the door sensor is first installed it work with the opeing and closing of the door.
Within a few minutes it will show it’s installed but it stays in either the open or closed position like it’s stuck.
Does anyone have suggestions, fixes to make this work?

Are you using ADT professional monitoring? If not, use your Iris 2nd or 3rd generation contact sensors. The ADT Sensors use a proprietary protocol that is not Zwave, Zigbee, or WiFi, it’s its own thing and won’t work with Zigbee, Zwave, or WiFi repeaters…

According to the documentation that came with my hub, you should have all of your sensors within 350ft of the hub, now haing said that, there are other issues at play not just distance. I don’t know what frequency range ADT works in, but if it is within 2.4ghz, that is a very packed spectrum segment, with WiFi, cordless phones, Zwave, Zigbee, Baby monitors etc… And no matter the spectrum, many of the same things that mess with WiFi will mess with it as It IS radio frequency based. So electronics, motors, breaker panels, metal siding and roofing etc… So the less “stuff” there is between the hub, and the sensors, the better your connection.

Something else to consider, and this sounds a bit odd but it might be your case. When I installed the ADT Door and Window Detector on one of my windows, I have an old window blind with a steel frame, My wife stashed a snuffed Yankee Candle against the bind on the window sill, which pushed the bottom frame of the blind against the sensor, which made it report as open. So my suggestion if it keeps showing as open, check to make sure there aren’t any ferrous metals within about 1" of the sensor pieces. If there are, move the metals, or move the sensor and test again.

Looks like I’ve been messed with.
I thought I read that the system, and including the ADT sensors were all Z-wave.
That’s part of the reason I went with this system.
Anyway, the shed is 100-125’ from the house, the doors are wood with a small aluminum plate that the sensors are stuck to.
Yesterday I did try my generation 2 iris sensor but it didn’t seem to like the hub or the new connection.
I was considering using ADT monitoring but not sure yet.

Okay so let’s keep drilling down.

Step #1. Take the sensors off of the metal plate and move it to wood. At that distance, you want the least obstruction possible.
Step #2. Remove if possible, and potential obstructions between the hub, and the shed, in a line of sight, or as the crow flies sort of fashion. Adjust the hub location, or whatever you need to do to improve signal.
Step #3. Failing that, call Smartthings / Samsung support and get into the support queue, it is possible that there is something wrong with the sensor. You are well within the sensor range. Have you tried a different sensor to see if it is just that one unit?

At that distance, I would be stunned if Iris connected to the Iris sensors in that shed.

Yes the ADT Smartthings hub does support zigbee and zwave, but the ADT professional monitoring is only done using the ADT Smartthings branded sensors, that goes for door and window sensors, motion sensors, smoke detectors, CO2 detectors, and leak sensors. Self monitoring alerts however, can, and will be sent using any compatible sensor event.

See the FAQ on ZigBee and Zwave, most notably the section regarding " What is the range of a Z-Wave or ZigBee network?"

The ADT protocol tends to have considerably larger range than either ZigBee or Zwave. See the FAQ RE: ADT Smartthings.

Again, the fewer obstructions between the hub and the sensor, the better…

I should note, one of my long term remodel goals for my property is to replace my existing deck / pergola with a gambrel roof barn type shed for a workshop so I can free up my garage. I already have the blueprints, 4 windows, 2 doors, which means 6 door and window sensors, a motion sensor, and 2 cameras to cover what it conceals comapred to my current setup. I am planning on adding to my existing ADT Smartthings rig, but also, I don’t have that much distance. A maximum of 75 feet between hub, and sensors…

Hello again.
I did as you suggested with the shed door sensor.
I remove the aluminum plate the sensors were stuck to.
I used new double sided tape and stuck them directly to the wooden doors.
So far, it works!
I wanted to say thanks for your help/input to this situation.
By chance do you have any experience with automatic water shut off valve that works with SmartThings?
I had one on my iris system and am going to try to pair with SmartThings but would be willing to go to something newer/better that works with new system.

I’m happy I was able to help and unfortunately now I don’t have any experience with the shut off valve so I’ve actually been looking into them myself.

Well I removed several more devices from my iris system (water valve, water sensors).
After doing so I found the water valve was listed in the SmartThings list so I added it.
The install in the app went well, I thought.
It showed up but when you click on it, it shows as not connected, 1st bummer.
Then I connected 3 ADT water sensors and found my old ones (Utilitech) was listed so I tried 1.
That install went pretty much like the valve, except, when I went back to remove it I went through the steps and it said it was uninstalled but I still found it in my devices list.
(Even after doing a force remove)
So now I have a device listed that is not there and I can’t get rid of it.
I’m going to have to get ahold of support to fix that issue and I’m getting one of the 2 listed valves that SmartThings supports.

Call as close to just after noon Easter Time as you can, catch them early in their shift. Yes the website says 9 to 9, it lies. They are open noon to 9…

I know, I’ve been using them quite a bit this week…

Hello again.

Let me ask.

What phone number are you using to get ahold of support?

(I have multiple numbers and most of the time I can’t get in touch with a person. Hold times has been horrible).

I had purchased 5 door/window sensors and 2 will not pair to the hub.

Thanks for your help

1-866-222-7100, call as close as physically possible to noon Easter Time zone…