Need help with Kwikset 914 door lock/unlock control

For some reason, my front door was unlocking randomly, so I deleted the smart apps and went to reinstall. I was able to reinstall the “unlock when arriving” one, and the “notify me” when unlocked". For the life of me I cannot find the smart app that will send me an sms when the door is locked. I’m sure it’s right in front of me…help!!

Go to the “thing” on your thing page and then select the smart app tab and you will see all of the SmartApps that reference that thing.

Thanks Todd- in the past I was able to select a “push” alert to my phone when the door was locked-it now seems to be missing

Oh. You want to put it back?

There are lots of ways to do that.

Perhaps Notify Me When? (In Safety and Security)

That’s where it should be…but it’s not! I’ve got two hubs and I’ve set this up many times…now, I can’t find it…sending me an sms when my door is locked

Smart home monitor. Doors and locks.

Thanks for sticking with me. I don’t see doors and locks under “custom”, “monitoring rules” or anything else. If u see it can u send me a screen shot?

Go to the dashboard. Tap doors and locks

Go to configure

Add a door

Name it and go to the next screen

Choose know and control if the door is locked

Fill this in to get notifications

Hey Todd, just a suggestion. DON’T EVER delete all of your devices from any of your groups, because if you do, your dashboard will look like this…

Time to use @bravenel’s Rule Machine…just look at the latest posts category and you’ll find it.

Exactly- the mistake I made was deleting doors and locks from my dashboard!- mine is identical. Can’t get them back! Thanks anyway Todd.

Wow. I just read the thread where this is discussed.

That is really terrible.

I mean, I knew ST had issues, but I didn’t realize they are actively trying to drive their users away by pulling stuff like this.

If you don’t delete it, it still works, so there is absolutely no reason why it shouldn’t still be available to all.

They certainly make it hard to be an advocate for them when they pull stuff this stupid.

I need to go sit in a quiet room until I calm down…

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Well said and beyond frustrating for sure. I spent hours trying to figure it out and now I find out there is no solution. No excuse at all for them not having fixed this a long time ago.

Hi Todd-well…I found a work around to get texts when my door is locked. It’s a new smart app named “pushover notify me when.” It’s crazy that this became so difficult for a simple operation. Thx for your support.

Hi Todd- one final follow up- my “work around” doesn’t work! However, a simple resolution struck me- IFTTT! Works like a charm-

Ah. Kicking it old school. I used to use IFTTT when I first got my locks. Forgot about that route.