Door lock suggestions w/ Bluetooth

Hi there,
Just ordered my first SmartThings hub and a few devices but want to order a front door lock. I need some suggestions. I’d love these features:

  • one off entry codes
  • time slot limited codes
  • Bluetooth entry
  • optional manual key entry in case of power failure (although the Bluetooth option might solve that)


So I have tried a couple SmartApps that set to manage user codes with my Kwikset 910 and none of them have worked for me specifically. There are people who get it to work but it’s not a big deal for me, adding a user code is easy enough at the lock itself to me, but SmartThings is a bit lacking in this department from what I gather from the community who wants this feature now.

For bluetooth at the moment SmartThings does not support bluetooth devices even with the launch of Hub V2 which has the radio built in, so I would look for that in the future… Even though they’re calling Z-Wave and Zigbee “Legacy Devices…”

I’m happy with my Kwikset, I’ve heard good things about Schlage and Yale, although the Schlage that I compared to my Kwikset did not actuate the deadbolt which is a convenience I wanted.

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As @keithcroshaw mentioned, BT is out with ST for a tad longer

I really like my Kwikset, and I highly recommend taking a look over here: [Depricated] Lock Code Manager


Yup, that’s the one I tried with No Joy…

I’m not sure there are any Bluetooth locks that also have key codes. From what I’ve seen so far, smart locks seem to fall into two camps:

  1. Bluetooth locks, usually focused on looking pretty normal on the outside with just a keyhole, work by connecting to the phone. Access can be provided to other people if those people have a smart phone capable of running the app and you send them a digital key. Remote access is less common, though some locks are offering gateways that will connect to the lock then connect it to the internet.
  2. Keypad locks, usually Zigbee or Z-wave. A little less subtle on the outside, with the keypad in addition or instead of a keyhole. Easier to connect to HA systems, and thus give remote access.

Works now, you should give it another try. It’s a great app. I have been using it for two weeks now. Setting codes was easy and like the idea of getting notifications when specific code is used. Also the app is great for assigning temp codes.

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Yup that’s what I’ve noticed as well. Was just making sure there wasn’t a best of both worlds out there. Thx!!

As others mentioned, Bluetooth is not an option for the time being when considering SmartThings integration, so you will either have to wait and see what the future holds or go with something else.

I personally have a Kwikset Kevo and it works great, albeit it’s not controllable via ST, and they have been promising their “Kevo Plus” service (which allows remote control similar to what the August Connect does) since January, with no actual product as of yet. Keep in mind that if that ever becomes available it might also be incompatible with ST (again, a closed system similar to what August is doing).

With that said, as a Bluetooth-only product the Kevo does work great. You can pair your phone with it and lock/unlock by touching the deadbolt “rose” on the exterior. You can also send temporary e-keys to other people and be notified when they use them, expire them via the app, etc. Overall it’s a really nice product and I wish there was some integration with ST at some point, but I’m not holding my breath. :smile:

Kwikset is a great lock, I have two of the deadbolts. I got them for a great price from

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Thanks @mattjfrank, just ordered the Z-Wave chip for my older Kwikset 910 lock. I was going to purchase a while new lock, until I saw this on the website you linked above!

Yeh - @viguera that’s what I was hoping for - a mixture of both the BT features (walk up and touch to unlock) + ZWave features (schedule events etc). Looks like I’ll have to choose the ZWave option and wait for one that has the combo feature set. :smile: