Door Lock Recommendation

I’ve searched existing topics but didn’t see this asked. What do other community members use for a smart door lock on an entry door having both a lever and deadbolt lock? Most of the smart locks I see are just for the deadbolt. Do you leave the lever unlocked and just use the deadbolt? Or are there any smart locks for both the lever and deadbolt?

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It’s discussed briefly in the device features FAQ:

Several companies make models that have a lever built in.

But I think most people just leave the knob/handle unlocked and let the smart lock handle the deadbolt.

Replacing both the lever and deadbolt with connected smart locks is an expensive proposition. My recommendation solution is to replace the levers with standard passage levers (i.e. no lock in the lever) and the deadbolt with smart deadbolt. This is my recommended “best practice” for a few reasons:

  1. Cost: Connected lever and deadbolt locks are roughly the same price, and passage levers are generally inexpensive.
  2. Selection: There are only a few connected lever locks to choose from, but many different connected deadbolt locks.
  3. Security: Deadbolt provides greater security than a lever when it comes to forced entry.
  4. Simplicity: If you do not replace both locks, then you still will need to carry (or exchange) keys because the lever could be locked.

If you just want ensure that all exterior doors get locked at night, then just replace the deadbolts with connected locks and replace the levers later on.

I’ve had good luck with the Schlage Connect locks, and recently purchased a Yale Assure lock with a Z-wave Plus module. The Yale app for its lock sucks, but it has interchangeable Z-wave Plus and Zigbee modules. Once connected with SmartThings I never opened the app again. The Yale lock does seem to have a more finicky touchscreen than the Schlage, but I may just have a partially defective touchscreen so I’m withholding full judgement.

The Yale locks have a true capacitive touch screen, like a tablet, while Schlage uses the older touchscreen technology that requires actual physical pressure. So they do have a slightly different operation, and if you are used to one, the other may feel a little “off.”

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I installed a smart deadbolt and then replaced the locking lever with a non-locking lever so that it would not be accidently locked from the inside when I did not have a key.

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I have two doors that are deadbolt and locking knob. I am just now putting Z-Wave locks on the deadbolts. I’m just going to re-key the knob locks so the keys no longer work (using a key no one else has of course). They are Kwikset so rekeying is a piece of cake.

EDIT: That doesn’t, of course, stop someone from twisting the lock on the inside but I think I have some spare non-locking knobs I can install.

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