Door Chime on Tab E tablet?


I’ve been doing a ton of research on this, but I’m struggling to find anything resembling a consistent or recent answer. My goal is very simple: I have a door that has an Aqara P2 contact sensor on it and working well. I have a nice routine set up to alert my phone when the door is opened. I also have an older Tab E running as my panel using Sharptools and plugged into a sound system with the headphone jack. Is it possible to have the Tab E play a doorbell sound when the door opens? Nothing crazy, no voice announcements or major events… just a nice little chime.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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There may be a way to do this with Sharptools wait and see if @joshua_lyon comes along and has an answer for you on this subject. He is the Sharptools expert.

Hi @mlchelp , I’m hoping you’re right. Sharptools has so many customization features and I’ve only just started to scratch the surface. While doing my research, the recurring theme that found was that Smartthings used to have a bunch of ways to make this happen, but that none of them are still viable. I’m no coding expert, but I can’t imagine it’d be too much of a stretch to play a sound file on event. Really just need someone to help point me in the right direction.

Or tell me I’m a moron. Either way…

Have you tried asking in the sharptools forum?

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If you use Fully Kiosk to display your dashboard you have a few options.

If you’re a SharpTools premium subscriber, PM me over in the SharpTools community and I can get you access to a Fully Kiosk driver I put together in my spare time and have made available to premium subscribers as a special token of thanks.

Alternatively, you might be able to use the Web Requestor Driver with the Fully Kiosk API directly.


That was my next stop, but I thought I’d start here for some insight since it’s operating through Smartthings and on a Samsung tablet. I wasn’t sure if there was a simple trick specific to Samsung or Smartthings to make this work. Also, I’m not set in stone on Sharptools. I’m running Fully Kiosk Browser on the tablet and it can also run Smartthings web interface directly if that proves to be the best way to set this up.


Hey @joshua_lyon , sorry I was replying to @JDRoberts before I saw your response. I’m on my SharpTools 14 day trial, but if I can get everything working the way I’d like I was planning on going for the premium. The driver sounds promising, I’ll send you a message on SharpTools and maybe you can explain how it works. Thanks!


Ok, really stupid question, how do I send you a PM?

Gives you an idea of how much time I spend on forums…

Click on his picture and tap message.

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Ok, so here’s the update. Sorry @joshua_lyon , took me a minute to figure out that I don’t have the trust level to send you a PM on Sharptools, but I appreciate the help. Came up with another solution for the time being. I bought an Ecolink Chime, cut the speaker off, and wired an RCA cable to the audio output. I have an old 4 channel mixer I plugged it into so I can control the volume separate from the other inputs, and it works like a charm. The chime is integrated into Smartthings and I have rules to control which chime sounds for which doors programmed into Sharptools. I still wish there was something from Smartthings to use a local device for notifications, but for now I’ve got what I need.

I just sent you a PM so you can reply to that. :grinning: