Dome Water Valve As Gas Valve Control (Shark Tank+Inirv)

Just watched a Shark Tank episode, company “Inirv” was presenting a smoke/CO2 sensor plus gas stove retrofit actuator knobs that can shut off (or adjust) each burner. Coincidentally, I was holding a box of Dome water valve so it hit me - why can’t I just install one of those behind the stove and control the master valve?

I also felt bad for the company because if I am right, this is a $75 solution (since I already have the smoke alarms but if I didn’t +$30) vs their $250+. They were asking $800 000 for 8% shares of their company. Ouch.

P.S. Decided to be old fashioned this time and did not use any search engine this time. Let’s get social :slight_smile: - anyone using it for gas valves?

First you have to remember that the Dome isn’t really a valve. Dome is a actuator that controls a valve.

With that said the short answer is yes, you can easily use a Dome actuator on a gas valve if its a standard 1/4 turn. You could use it on propane, oil, anything that uses a 1/4 turn valve. For example if your smoke detector goes off turn off the gas. I have one set to turn off if any of my many leak sensors detect a leak.

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The question was asked on another thread and a Dome employee said while it would work it’s not recommended as the actuating motor could create enough friction to create a spark at start up. If there’s a gas leak that’s muy no bueno.

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Right, valve actuator.

If your turning it off because of smoke/fire detectors went off I’d probably go ahead and take the risk. Lol.

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Lol. Touché

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Interesting. I was wondering why they wouldn’t advertise it for gas valves. But like @vseven said, if you have smoke alarm active, if there is a leak, it will explode regardless. I really want to put on each appliance at home (stove, furnace, boiler)

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Well if one wants to be really safe, look for explosion proof, normally open, gas valve. Then connect with a Zwave relay. Not going to be cheap.