Dome (DMOF1) plug does not work with the new ST App


I have several of the DMOF1 plugs and since I migrated to the new app and ST platform, the Dome Plugs are not reliability powering off/on the plugs through the app. I get network timeout errors and the state of the plug shows on when it’s off and vice versa. I tried contacting Dome support but got no response – I’m not sure they are in business anymore.

I’m using this DH:

Is there an updated DH available that I should use?


@krlaframboise do you have a different dth for the new app? If so please tell @bob_jones

Have you verified that they’re working reliably with the classic app?

Those plugs are somewhat common so it’s odd that no one has reported that problem before…

Yes, I tried the classic app as well. Both apps show inconsistent on/off status. When I press the on/off, there status takes a long time to change and there are times the status shows on when the plugs is off (ans vice versa). The new app consistently pops up "A network or server error occurred. Try again later"

The plug is off and does not turn on

The plug stays on while showing off status

When I try to turn on the plug, I get this error in the new app.

This issue was not happening when I was using the classic app and old ST environment.

Thanks for looking into this.

This shouldn’t make a difference, but replace lines 597 and 598 with the code below, save/publish your changes, close/re-open the mobile app, and see if that fixes it.

sendEvent(getEventMap("switch", val, null, "Switch is ${val}"))
sendEvent(getEventMap("status", val, false))
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Thanks @krlaframboise,
Unfortunately, that did not resolve the issue. Anything else I should try? Any other info you need from me?


I didn’t think it would, but it was worth a shot.

Why aren’t you just using one of the built-in generic handlers? This device isn’t really special so you can use mine to change the settings and then change it back to one of the original handlers so that you’ll have local execution…

Thanks. Your suggestion did the trick.