Can I Use 1 Wemo (connect) App For 20 Switches?


I am new to this. I have about 20 Wemo Switches connected, and each time I connected one of them it created a " Wemo Connect App". So when I look under “SmartApps” I have 9 “Wemo (Connect)” app. Under each "Wemo (Connect) I see some of my switches, some of them I see in more than one “Wemo (Connect)”

Can I go to and delete all “Wemo (Connect)” but one?



I think you can, but it’s been a while since I’ve used my wemo devices.Were these installed over time? If that’s the case, try deleting all the devices, and all but one of the connects. Then go into the connect and try discovering devices and see if you can install all of them under one connect.

Thanks Kevin! So do I rediscover the wemo switches using the one wemo connect that I leave on?

Yes. I believe it should work.

Agreed with Kevin. I have 8 Wemo devices, some came up as separate apps. Delete all but one, then let it sit in discovery mode for a bit until it finds them all under that one app. If that does not work, I also one time deleted all of the apps, and started over with getting that first device connected, then waiting for the app to find the rest.

Thanks Chris! so do I need to open the Wemo connect app in order to discover the other devises OR will it do that on its own without having to open it? do I ned to do anything? I noticed that sometimes discovery takes more than 3 minutes, is that normal?

Open the Wemo connect smartapp and do it through that one. It should collect all devices through one smartapp.

And yes, discovery takes minutes.

OK Thanks Chris, I’ll give it a shot!