Does the hub know which mode it’s in if it goes offline?

I’m trying to adapt my automations to run as many local as I can and got thinking. I’ve set up loads that run local and they have specific modes so I’m guessing that the hub must know what mode it’s in even if it’s offline?

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Mode is a SmartThings Location attribute and isn’t specific to the hub. In terms of local execution though, it’s possible to use Mode as a filter/trigger (the If) and have it still execute locally. It is not possible to set the mode (the Then) and have the automation run locally. As a caution, I’m pretty sure in theory you could end up in a situation where your hub goes offline, the location’s mode changes in the cloud and the hub doesn’t know about it because it’s offline. That seems unlikely though.

This actually happens quite often (as reported in the forum by multiple members) if the home’s Internet goes out and the person arrives home, changing the mode from Away to Home, but the hub will be stuck in Away mode. So it depends on how reliable the Internet is at that location.

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But if the internet is out when you arrive, the mode wouldn’t know to change at all would it.
Or am I missing the point. I likely am. Lol.

If your presence is based on your mobile phone and IT still has a connection to the Internet, the phone will tell the ST cloud that it arrived, but the cloud won’t be able to tell the hub.

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Neither mobile presence or arm state are able to work locally but to put JD’s point in terms of an example let’s say you have an automation when your front door unlocks and the mode is Night it turns on your entry light. Let’s also say that your mode changes from Away to Night at 5:30 PM.

If your hub was offline between 5:15PM and 5:45 PM and you got home at 5:40 then your front entry light wouldn’t turn on when you unlock your door. Reason being is that while the cloud switched from Away to Night at 5:30, your hub was offline at that time and never got that information and still thinks the mode is Away.

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Ah makes sense. Thanks guys.

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So to sum things up, the Hub will remain on the Mode it was on prior to loosing internet. However, cloud based changes will still change the Mode (in the cloud) but the Hub will not be updated until internet is restored.

What about time and time based events? Does the Hub knows what time it is if there is no internet connection?