Mode change notifications during power outage

I have a routine that sends a notification when the system changes modes from Sleep to Goodmorning. My power went out about midnight and was restored at 10 am. I received notification at 6:50 am (scheduled time) that the mode had changed. No backup batteries in the hub. Why/How was the generated.

The mode gets changed in the cloud, not the hub, so you were getting the notification from the cloud at the scheduled time.

However—because communication with the hub was not available, even if you had had local power any local routines that were still running under the old mode and the app will not show you the correct information. In your case, with the power out, the local routines weren’t running at all. But the cloud didn’t know that.

This is one of the big vulnerabilities of the smartthings architecture. If the local Internet is out, there’s no way, for example, to change the STHM security mode that controls your local automations even though it may look like you changed it in the app. :scream:

Also, when power is restored, there can be a brief period when the hub is still running under the old mode.

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