Does the Android App Require GPS/Location?

I’m looking at possibly getting a low-end Android Tablet, but I would only consider getting it if I knew that the SmartThings app would function properly on it. Why would I want to do this? I have a Windows Phone, and some features are missing on the ST Windows Phone app, plus other features are working well for me. So, I’d use the tablet as my secondary ST device.

This tablet is WiFi only (no cellular data) AND it does NOT have a GPS capability (i.e. no “location” is available from the device). I’ve heard that some Android apps that use Location will not function at all on a device that doesn’t have a Location available. Does anyone know if the Android app would function on a tablet with no Location services available? Thanks!

I use a BestBuy 80.00 house brand tablet running KitKat with no GPS on my wall and it works fine.