Does SmartThings work with RedLink?

Thanks Paul! Some follow up questions please:

  1. I already have the MHK1 for config/diag, but I don’t want to use it to control the HVAC. Instead I’d like to use ST… Since this minisplit does work well with Redlink and the Honeywell app, is there a way I can use the CT100 (or some other way) to have ST talk to it by interfacing with Redlink?

  2. The Remotec sounds great. How does it work essentially? ST sends a signal to Remotetec that says “set fan to low” and then Remotec sends the signal to the minisplit itself or to the MHK1? I would think it sends it to the minisplit? If it does, that means the MHK1 works off of IR?? If that’s the case I was not aware of it and have no idea how its using IR to go through walls to talk to my minisplit unit?

  3. When Remotec sends the signal to change something like the fan speed, does the MHK1 refresh itself to indicate the new setting?

  4. Regarding the ST SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor - is that still a current product? Amazon says out of stock and no replenish date, and searching the web head to toe I could not find it for sale anywhere.


I have a Mitsu 3 zone system that has 2 mini split wall units controlled by individual handheld IR controllers and a ducted zone that is controlled with a wired PAR-31 MAA Controller. I tried the MHK1 on this zone with no luck. I ended up selling it on Ebay. MHK1 does NOT work on IR.

The Remotec is a “dumb” IR controller. It will send out the equivalent IR signals that the handheld (HH) controller does. It does not control through the HH so if the HH turns the wall unit off and the Remotec then turns it on or changes the temp, the HH still thinks the unit is off. You can use the HH to override the other by cycling through some commands.
I have found that the Remotec will give you the current mode, temp and set temperature if you send a refresh command.

I also thought the SmartSence Sensor was discontinued because it is not on Amazon but it is offered on the SmartThings website today.

Thanks. So since my minisplit can only be controlled via MHK1, and that doesn’t work on IR, then I assume I cannot use the Remotec right?

In which case I guess that leaves my original question - which is whether it is possible to use ST to talk to the CT100 to talk to Redlink to control my minisplit…?

I do not know if this helps, but if you are going to to the Total Comfort website to control your thermostat right now, in theory the device type that interfaces with that would work.

There are so many things that could stop you, I don’t want to get your hopes up too much…

Thanks Brian. You said “if you are going to the Total Comfort website to control your thermostat right now, in theory the device type that interfaces with that would work”. What “device type” specifically are you referring to? Indeed I can use the iOS app or website to control the minisplit. So now I’m just trying to figure out how to be able to use a Z-wave device to do the same, instead of using the iOS app or website… ?

Read and choose the most popular device handler.

Good luck!

Paul - I have the Mr. Slim minisplit which uses the same Mitsubishi MHK1 that you have. Were you able to get your system working with Redlink? I think my idea is that same as what you wanted to do back in November - basically just have a Z-wave thermostat that talks to ST and have ST talk to the My Total Comfort app, thereby enable us to indirectly control the HVAC system. What did you wind up trying and is there a winning formula? Thanks!

Fwiw, Honeywell has announced their own support for the ST hub. I’ve got mine configured to control all four of my Redlink-connected thermostats. Seems to work, at least as effectively as the community-based driver.

Where do you find this?

A downside, sort of, is that Honeywell’s website won’t allow more than one app to register itself. Which is odd. The community driver here doesn’t appear to have that problem, so for now I’m not sure which to use. I have more than one kind of automation system here, and I don’t want to get into dueling over limitations.

I’ll say this, however, adding interface to thermostats should be done carefully. Something in the mix decided the temps were wildly inaccurate and the system got set to dramatically incorrect values. Not sure which, as I just took everything out of the mix. I’ll revisit this at a later date.

Can you post link for the Honeywell device handler?

I found the ‘official one’ within the app itself, buried in with other thermostats. The other one I found here in the forums, I can’t recall which thread, sorry.

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Are you able to post it / put on github?

I setup my 3 Redlink thermostats. 2: VisionPRO 8000 and 1 ComfortNet CTK03 (Its a Honeywell IAQ prestige 2.0 with a interface to communicate with my central AC)

Marketplace->Climate Control->Thermostats->Honeywell->VisionPro WiFi-> Connect Now-> Log In.

One you login using your Total Connect Comfort credentials, your Redlink connected thermostats will be listed. You can select them and connect them to your hub.

I had to disconnect two of mine from the WeatherBug Home app.


samsung’s support faq still says ‘All Wi-Fi are supported. RedLINK is also supported when coupled with a RedLINK Internet Gateway’; however, from this thread, if i am understanding correctly, i can have ST communicate DIRECTLY with ST sans the RedLINK Internet Gateway. is this correct?

If you’re using thermostats that require a redlink gateway then you need a redlink gateway. I have four of them that speak RF to the Redlink, up to the cloud and ST connects to them there.

As for wifi direct units, then you wouldn’t need a Redlink for them.

I think you’re still talking to the Honeywell cloud though, with or without the Redlink.


Hi… It’s really good to know that mhk1 stats works with ST. Can you confirm which thermostat, within ST app, did you choose to link the ST with Mhk1? Thanks

Ok, so after talking to honeywell support if you have the MFH1 thermostats hooked to the mitsubishi heads, after you connect them to your honeywell redlink internet gateway and to the total connect comfort website, you can then add it to smartthings. You add a device and select thermostat then the honeywell wi-fi focuspro 6000 thermostat. Once you have selected that it will ask for your credentials to the total connect comfort website. Then you can select which thermostats to add. Hope this helps anyone trying to figure this out.

Another approach to this is the PAC-WHS01WF-E, which lets you plug WiFi directly into the Mitsubishi indoor unit. You then use Kumo Cloud to control the HVAC via your phone.

Here’s a thread about attempting a ST integration for Kumo Cloud; no real progress: Kumo Cloud (Mitsubishi Electric Heat/Air)

And I’m interested in the ESP8266 approach mentioned later in that thread.

Hi, having mitsubishi units controlled by ST through mhk1 and redlink gateway is great but it could be nice if we can control the fan speed within ST routines. Has anyone succeed in doing this? Thank you

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