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Hello all, new to ST. I just got a new v2 hub and the latest app. Replacing my bankrupt Wink hub. On the Wink hub, I had an action where, when the door is unlocked, turn on the light and another that turned the light off after 5 minutes. On this ST platform, how do I do that is something I would have to write code for?

Also, I would like notification when the door is unlocked. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

You can use the Smart Lights app, which you can find in the Marketplace (right bottom tab), under SmartApps, SmartThings recommends. That will give you the functionality of turning on a light when a lock is unlocked, and then turning if off after 5 minutes.

OMG… didn’t even see those there. Thank you very much. Now if I could just figure out all the other stuff! - lol

Unfortunately, I think ST has screwed up Lock notifications, for now. I still have it, but the app has been removed from V2, and I don’t think it’s available for you. Perhaps someone can chime in if they know how to do lock notifications with V2.

You’re right. I don’t see anywhere to get a notification when the Schlage lock is unlocked. Thats ok I think because I was trying to think of a script to write for learning purposes. This could be it :smile:

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I wrote a little one that runs a Routine when a lock is unlocked. Take a look at that for some hints.

There are some other apps that do notifications, for the other half.

That’s not working, Bruce! The x minutes delay is not enabled for locks.

Locks are completely missing from SHM. Heard a rumor about Smart Locks feature. I would think that Smart Locks should be the most prominent feature in SHM.

Oh Good Grief!! Another hole in Smart Lights.

Also, I just noticed that Smart Lights has two different names. When you go to install it from the Marketplace, it’s called Smart Lights. After it’s installed, it’s called Smart Lighting. ???

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yeah it’s super confusing.

I setup a routine to run when something opens or closes. The idea being if the door unlocks then the door would be opening. Technically its triggering off of the door opening, but it’s sort of the same. Unless you are using the light to remind you the door was unlocked. In which case, this doesn’t really help.

Otherwise if you’re running on iOS, then you can buy an app called SmartRules. I have worked around some of the missing items using that app as well.

EDITED: I should have read all of the previous posts before I posted. It sounds like you’ve already gotten an answer. :smile:

My intentions are…

  • Someone unlocks the door
  • Entry light comes on
  • after 5 minutes, light is shut off

I managed to use Smart Lighting to turn the light on when the door is unlocked but can’t make it turn the light off 5 minutes later. Tried creating a new Lighting Automation to turn the light off after xx time but option does not seem to be there.

I don’t have to worry about the lock re-locking the door because that is set on the lock itself.

Another Wink convert! Welcome, come in come in, the routines are warm and help yourself to any SmartApps :smile:

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Well, given that ST sort of blew off many of the necessary options in Smart Lights, that should be there but aren’t, you are going to need a something to make this work right. What you need is an app that will turn it off xx after it opens. Given that the light is going to be turned ON when you unlock the lock, you could use “Power Allowance” in Smart Lights. What this would do is turn it off xx minutes after it turns on (for any reason). This isn’t precisely what you want, but it would probably work. “Power Allowance” (Turn off after xx minutes) is a choice for a trigger in Smart Lighting. Your automation would be Turn Off, trigger, Power Allowance, xx minutes after.

That might work for you, except for the fact that every time you turn that light on, it’s going to turn off xx minutes later. That may very well be not what you want. If that isn’t what you want, then you would need a custom smartapp (easy), or to wait for ST to fix it (which is indefinite at best).


That will do it for sure. Thank you. I am going to try my hand at a custom app this week. Will do tutorials first.