Do I need to reinstall after publishing an update to my app?

I’ve written a couple apps that I’ve already published and installed. I recently updated the code and published again. Do I need to uninstall/reinstall the app in SmartThings or will the app automatically update to the new code? If it automatically updates, how does it handle new sections, etc?

It depends. If you changed stuff in, for example, your “init()” function, then yes, you’ll need to re-install, but it seems that if its code in a function that will be called, it should work. I think if you added new input sections, they will show up when you go into the settings.

From my experience, you don’t need to uninstall. Depending on what you change, you might not have to do anything. I usually just run through the preferences in the mobile app just to make sure everything gets updated to the new code. Definitely don’t have to uninstall though…