Do I need roku to change to Netflix via alexa

I’ve got st and hue and harmony all set up working great but when I trigger any harmony activity it will sure enough work including lights and routines I set up but it will not either press enter to actually change the channel or when I say turn on Netflix it just go through the actions and then stays on the input screen waiting for me to use the remote to select Netflix. Same with channels on my favorites it will pull up the comcast guide and go to the proper channel but then it will just stay there waiting for the press of an enter command. This means I still need a remote. Any thoughts or do I need a robu like devise.


I found the same issue where sometimes a programmed button press didn’t seem to work. For my system, between powering on the Samsung blu-ray player and then pressing the Smart Hub button on the remote, the Harmony Hub had to have a delay of 17 seconds! Then delay 2s, down button, delay 2s, select. This brings up Netflix for me.

Perhaps you need to introduce some delays to your activity

I’m just getting familiar with harmony. So your saying there’s a way to add delays and program a button to press/select. How do I really map or whatever. It pulls up all music inputs and smart apps including Netflix and others just to the right on my Samsung suhd 2016 4k model. Is harmony where I need to spend more time. Thanks guys

Thank you Steve I played around with delays inside my harmony activities which I was unfamiliar with. Now saying turn on Netflix goes through the 8 second sequence I added and my lights now turn a soft red and it even loads up my Netflix account…we have 4 lol. I also made a similar activity to watch TV which turns every thing back to normal generic channel plus all lights go back to clean white. Thank you so much I just needed a little direction. I love this stuff.


Harmony is really cool once you learn that it is way more than a simple remote and even cooler when you can voice activate the activities!

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