Netflix playing switch? (Know when Netflix is playing on a specific device?)

(Joel) #1

Wondering if it’s possible to let ST know when Netflix is playing content on a specific device or even at all?

Ideally to control lights and set mode of ST to movie


Depends how you start Netflix.

If you’re starting Netflix with a harmony activity or from Google Home or Alexa, it would be pretty easy to add a virtual switch coming on into that mix, and then have SmartThings react to that virtual switch coming on. That would give you Netflix on a specific device as a trigger for other events.

There may be some smart televisions that would have information you could grab, it would depend on the model.

But if you just pick up the Roku remote and push some buttons you won’t have any easy way of letting smartthings know.

So I think the first thing is to back up a step and look at how you are initiating Netflix and see if you can insert a flag to SmartThings at that point. :sunglasses:

(Joel) #3

Thanks mate. I have a home but Netflix control isn’t working just yet (linked etc just says it can’t find the content). But ill get it going

If it was via home how would I go about activity a virtual switch - ifttt I guess ?