Do Hue white bulbs HAVE to have hue bridge?

Looking for a simple bulb for a stand lamp. I know Hue can work with SmartThings (I’m in UK), but does it work without it?

I know you don’t get all the functions, do you? but will it automate and switch on/off dim without the hue hub?


I connected my Hue Whites directly to ST. No problems these past 3 months. Btw I am in Canada.

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Mine works Ok.

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Thanks, presume doesn’t matter on locality?

So they connect direct via ST app, adding a thing as normal? Can you dim, use routines etc to control them afterwards?

Can you show me a screenshot on the thing page etc please if possible


Thanks for screenshot, and they add fine (without the hue hub) via ST app things procedure?

Any issues ever with them?

No issues yet. I had difficulty adding the first bulb… mainly because I had no idea how to. And I can’t seem to remember now. I’ll update this as soon as I can figure it out again.

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Just checked the iOS ST app and it says that to add a thing you need the hue hub.

How do you connect the lights without it please, what is the procedure?


Sorry, forgot about the follow up.

I use the following device handler: Philips Hue Lux Device?

I am doing this from memory so… it should work:

Connecting a the Light Bulb

  1. Plug in the bulb
  2. Go to add a new thing and let it add
  3. It should add a thing

Device Handler

  1. Login to your IDE
  2. Go to My Device Handlers
  3. Hit Create New Device handlers
  4. Choose from code and copy and paste the code in it’s entirety
  5. Create
  6. Publish to my account
  7. Go into My Devices in the main menu
  8. Click on thing, then click on edit
  9. Choose Zigbee Hue Lux Bulb and update

Note: If you do this, you cannot reset the bulb unless you buy a specific lutron remote (around $30).

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Thanks for that, as long as the bulb keeps working with my ST hub I’m not really bothered.

So all you have to do is switch on the bulb? Just my Lightify ones you had to put them in pair mode by switching on/off a few times.

It’s that the latest device handler to use.

Cant get this working. I switch it on, even off/on/off/on and try to add in the iOS app, but it just keeps spinning and searching.

Any help please?

Think I know why… As they bought separate from someone who had bought them in a starter pack I think they are registered to the hue bridge they came with…ahhh…

So now I need a (UK) solution to unpair the bulbs and register it without a Hue bridge direct to ST… Anyone help…