Do DTH drivers eventually all go away?

I am sorry if this has been discussed (I’ve not nearly paid attention to the last year of progress towards this switchover) but do all DTH drivers eventually get migrated to Edge drivers? I am talking about what were standard DTH drivers, not custom. In my environment, a handful of my devices have been migrated to Edge drivers, but many have not. What I’m unclear on is if I am waiting for these to be migrated by ST on the backend or if this is a reflection of a broken migration and I would need to remove and reprovision each of these DTH devices to get them on Edge. I am further confused as to whether this is an eventual requirement or if they can live forever as legacy DTH devices.

Thanks for the education.

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They are all going to go away eventually, although the migration has taken longer than originally announced. Now they are just saying “first quarter 2023.“

Most devices using stock DTHs should be automatically migrated to new edge drivers.

however, there are a few devices, like 2015 Samsung televisions, which are not going to be migrated and just won’t be supported in the smartthings app anymore. There’s a list of those in the official transition FAQ.