Displaying Code for Devices

(Norris) #1


I’m newer to wanting to hack/modify some of the things my Smartthings devices can do. One thing that I’ve had up and working for a few weeks now involves the Evolve relay switch with automatically opening/closing when presence fobs arrive/leave in our 3 cars.

One thing I wanted to take a stab at is trying to modify the code that if 2 of 3 cars (presence fobs) are still home when 1 leaves, don’t automatically close the door. Only if all 3 fobs are gone, then close the door.

Problem is, I can’t find where to begin to find code. I can get to my hub, devices, events, logs, etc through the graph, but how do I get to source code for my various devices, events, etc? In particular, the one dealing with automatically opening/closing garage.

I’ve searched forum, but haven’t found the answer, so thought I’d ask.


(Tim Slagle) #2

Go to the IDE.

My device Types>New Smart Device>Fill out the required fields.

In the top right of the code IDE screen there are some public example device types, pick one of those and start having fun :smile:

(Norris) #3

Thank you for the follow-up. Went to the New Smart Device and filled out information, however, I’m not seeing the ‘code IDE screen’ area. Can you offer a few more tips/suggestions where to look as I’m not seeing it?

(Tim Slagle) #4

This should help :smile: