Discussion: Media handling in SmartThings

Hello fellow smart-people :smile:
I want to discuss about the usefullnes in handling media files and media web services directly from the SmartThings app, imagine you have a wall mounted tablet with SmartThings (SmartTiles maybe) and controlling the house music directly from the app, or sending a Netflix movie to a near TV connected to SmartThings, stuff like that would be awesome!

Media files are very large and must be handled in a specific order.

Most home automation networks are based in the idea of tiny files bouncing around the network with no particular order guaranteed. Zwave and zigbee devices work like this.

That said, SmartThings can interface with most things that operate on WiFi, which is good for large sequenced files.

And there are some devices available which act as a WiFi to IR bridge (IR = infrared, which is what most TV remotes use), and that opens up more possibilities.

You’ll find a number of community members using various SmartThings with home entertainment center solutions now, just depending on the specific devices involved.