Discovering devices connected to a hub


I seek an API that returns all physical devices connected to the hub and installed by the user. In my app, getAllChildDevices() returns installed virtual devices only. Is this correct? I seek a SmartApp API to find all physical devices installed in the smart app, too.

Our goal is to help the user understand which devices are connected to our custom app. The documentation states that getAllChildDevices() will return all devices. What steps must I take to use this API and acquire physical devices?

Thank you in advance.


  1. SmartThings doesn’t make a distinction between “virtual” and physical Devices… The concept of “Virtual Device” isn’t even in their dictionary!

  2. Read the Fancy Manual… Please study to under the architecture of the platform.

  3. There is no API to discover “all” connected Devices as that is considered a security risk. (Actually, there is an internal use only API… See Amazon Echo/Alexa implementation).

  4. Instead, a SmartApp may request the use select any number of Things of a particular Capability in an input statement. With enough input statements, you can get them to offer all of their Things.

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