Disadvantages to Not Using Ecobee3 Activity Scheduling with SmartThings?

Hi, I was wondering if someone can help me.

I have a simple setup. Currently I have my Ecobee “Hold Action” preference set to, “Until I change it”. This allows SmartThings to have a continuous hold on the Ecobee’s temperature and essentially disables the Ecobee’s activity scheduling. I use SmartThings routines to change my Ecobee temperature to my liking. It’s been working really well.

Now I see a lot of posts recommending and promoting code, such as Yves Racine’s MyEcobee device and smartapps. Can someone explain to me what I’m missing out on by keeping my setup as it is and not installing any custom code? Am I putting myself at a disadvantage by not by not using the Ecobee’s scheduled activity settings?

Thank you

The primary thing you miss by not using Scheduled Programs on the Ecobee is its Smart Recovery feature, where it will begin heating/cooling in advance of the scheduled program change so you wake up to a warm house, or come home to a cool one. And you can still use program overrides, so that your HVAC goes into Away mode when you leave during the day.

Also note, you don’t have to pay for this ability - there are free alternatives (if I may b so bold) such as the Free Open Source work I recently released here: [RELEASE] The Best FREE Ecobee DTH and Helper SmartApps - Now with Ask Alexa Message Queue Support, and an Enhanced User Experience!

This includes Helper SmartApps that will change your Ecobee Program based on SmartThings Routines or Modes, and/or change SmartThings based on the thermostat (such as setting ST to Away when a scheduled Vacation kicks in on the thermostats).

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I too have mine setup like this and wonder the same. Any updates to this ?