Direct z-wave association with minimote

I just installed a ge zwave toggke switch which is not connected to a load. The intention is to use it to control a ge plugin module.

I have it working using ifttt but of course there is a 2-3 second delay.

I have read that by using an aeon minimote it’s possible to directly link the two devices.

I have a minimote and tried following the directions for direct association. Everything seemed to work. The blue light on the minimote started flashing slow when I pressed the associate button. It started flashing quickly when I pressed the button on the plugin module. Then it stayed lit solid for two seconds once I pressed the switch.

Unfortunately this didn’t seem to have any effect. Turning the switch on or off does nothing to the plugin module without ifttt.

The switch is a ge 12727 in-wall smart switch that I picked up a t Lowe’s.

The plug in module is a ge zw3103 that I also got at lowes.

Any suggestions to help me get the two devices directly associated would be appreciated.

Association is an optional Z wave command. Each manufacturer decide model by model whether they will support it or not. If you want to use direct association, both of the devices must support it.

You can check which Z wave command set any certified device supports by looking on the official Z wave alliance products website:

In this case, you’re out of luck using that method because the GE 12727 does not support association.

Fortunately, SmartThings is a multiprotocol platform, and does not depend on the use of zwave direct association, in part because it’s really very limited. It can only be used between Z wave devices that are essentially in the same room.

Instead, you can just use the official smart lighting feature. Choose the plug as the “light” you want to control and have it come on when another switch turns on, in this case your GE.

What will happen is that the GE switch Will send a message to the hub and then the hub will send the message to the socket. There may be a slight delay, but it should be less than with IFTTT. And this will work even if the pocket socket is a zigbee device. :sunglasses:

So it should be fine and you won’t need the minimote at all for this process.