Dimming and the Dashboard

(Ronny Carr) #1

I’ve been waiting for better dimming capabilities to arrive for some time now. As it stands, if I want to control dimming I must either do this manually or build my own app to support it. The dashboard is of little use to me as most of my lighting needs require changing the level of a lamp, not just turning it on or off.

I really like the idea of getting away from the apps for general tasks such as this. My actual question is, when are we going to see dimmable switches actually supported by default within the new dashboard/actions area of the mobile app?

(Todd Wackford) #2


I have a virtual dimmer control that I’m waiting to implement in the new App UI. I want to make it so you can control one to many dimmers with it. It works as a device now, just waiting for the new documentation.

You can see it in action here:

and here: (old dimmer control, but the dim with me grouping app)

Enjoy and Happy Hacking!

(Dan Lieberman) #3

@ronnycarr, @twack - It’s on the list. Adding dimming capabilities to Hello, Home actions will probably come first, then support in the shortcuts section of the dashboards will likely come sometime after that.