Dimmers that can be disabled/enabled?

Hi there,

I’m new to this whole smart home thing, and have a question that I’m hoping someone can help with!

I just moved to a new home, and when I had Vivint security set up, I also got a few smart home components added to the system. Now I’m hooked and want to add some other items myself – it seems that any zwave components would be compatable? The first thing I’m interested in is adding smart dimmers for our lights, but I have a special requirement for my 2-year-old daughter’s room.

Her new favorite hobby is turning her overhead lights on at night instead of going to sleep. I finally switched off the entire circuit to her room the other night and lo and behold, once she couldn’t turn the lights on anymore, she went right to sleep. I would love to be able to replicate this without needing the entire circuit off, though, as there are other electrically-powered items in her room (e.g. baby monitor camera) I’d like to keep on.

I am wondering if there’s some sort of smart dimmer switch that allows override/disabling. In other words, I’d love be able to disable the physical light switch at night so she can’t turn it on – but retain the ability to turn it on low via my phone if I need to come take her to the bathroom in the night or whatnot, and re-enable the switch for daytime use.

What do you think? Does something like this exist? And would I be able to connect it to my Vivint system and control it with that app? I’ve been really happy with the experience of using the app with my locks/cameras/doorbell/Nests, but I’m not sure how it will work with other smart items. If I’m in the wrong forum for this sort of thing, any suggestions of where else to post would be highly appreciated as well.

Thanks so much for all your help!!


You can always try pulling the air gap out on a smart switch. This will disable the switch, but you will lose the ability to control it with automation.

Another option is to get a cover on the switch and have an alternative way to turn the light on off, like a minimote.

Not sure if of Vivint systems. This forum is for the SmartThings platform.

The second easiest thing would be to get one of the two “smart switch covers” and put it over the existing switch. You could then simply schedule that for the times when it would work. And you would have a instant manual override in your phone app. You will find these and other button and remote options in the following thread. Most of these can be scheduled.

But to be honest, the easiest thing is just to put a $2 child safety lock on the existing switch. That way an adult can still use it without your having to make any changes. These come in many different styles and colors, and any baby store or hardware store will have a selection. Or Amazon carries them.

We use these at our house to keep people from turning off the switch that controls The front porch camera.

There is ZERO Vivint integration with ST IMO. There is some anecdotal evidence to the contrary on the 'Net, but I have yet to get it to function. And yes, I know what my MASTER INSTALL code is to enable me to do so, and I also have the very latest firmware which is a requirement apparently.

Ideally all I want to do is add ST as a secondary controller to the ZW stuff, in other words, READ the sensor state of devices Vivint controls so I can get ST to respond to them in differing ways. Nuffin’ to date has worked for me. YMMV.


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