Dimmer with no neutral wire

Ah, man. Why did GE discontinue those? I really liked those, and was planning to add them to a few more rooms. I don’t like how the Cooper’s look and really don’t want to have a mix/match of switches on the one. I have one Wemo switch, that I received as a present, and I have 3 of the Leviton VRS05, because i couldn’t get neutral to a few rooms, and they look very close to the GE but function slightly different.

Some of the specialty home automation retailers will still have stock of the old GE models. I’m not happy with the outlet place that sells through Amazon because their product descriptions are often wrong, and they will say that the switches work with LEDs when they don’t.

But you can check some of the more reputable places. HA world online Usually has both the discontinued Leviton and the discontinued GE no neutral models in stock.


I’m assuming the Lutron Caseta does not work with z-wave or
ZigBee, otherwise, I would not need the hub right?

Just out of curiosity, how would a regular wall dimmer would work if I was
to add a micro dimmer by the light fixture, Im just trying to understand
how a micro dimmer/switch works in conjuction with the wall seitch/dimmer.

If you mean a rotary dial analog dimmer switch it would burn out the micro dimmer. The micro needs to control the amount of current draw for itself. So you want the wall switch just to send it a pulse message and then the micro will decide what to do with the current.

Read the user guide for any of the micro devices, they’ll tell you what kinds of switches are compatible.

If you’re OK with a modern style, you can get a really elegant look with multiple switches by using the Legrand adorn switches combined with the micros in the wall. Again, you use a press and hold for dimming.

Correct. Lutron uses its own protocol. The integration with ST is cloud to cloud. But it’s super fast. The Lutron hub is small. I just have it on the top of a bookshelf, an Ikea Billy with an extension. WST on the left. Lutron in the middle. And ST on the right:

So what Lurton hub do I need to make this work with ST ?? I see Lurton has many different hubs available. The main interest I have is the pico remote, I want this to work with ST

Lutron PJ2-WALL-WH-L01 Pico Remote Control with Wall Mounting Kit, White https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JR202JQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_YYRZybB5RW9MP

Two separate questions here. So let me get to the one which may be more important to you:

If you are using the official SmartThings/Lutron integration, You will not be able to use the pico remote to trigger anything in SmartThings. The Picos will be invisible to SmartThings and SmartThings will not be told about any of their button presses . :disappointed_relieved:

They will still work with whichever Lutron SmartBridge you get, which means you can still use them to control devices which are controlled by the SmartBridge itself, mainly the Caseta wall switches and pocket sockets.

As far as the official integration goes, I know you can use the regular Lutron SmartBridge

There’s a good bundle price that includes the smartbridge, one in wall dimmer switch, one wall plate, and one pico:

And I believe you can also use the SmartBridge Pro.

You can’t use any of the other Lutron control devices with SmartThings, they are for different systems.

There is also an unofficial community – created SmartThings/Lutron integration. which does make the pico button presses visible to SmartThings so they can be used more like a minimote. However, you will have to set up an additional separate device like a raspberry pi to act as a server, and to get access to the pico information you would have to have the SmartBridge pro model, not just a plain SmartBridge. And it’s technically much more complex to set up than the official integration.

So the short answer is that with the official integration you can use either the Lutron smartbridge or I think the Lutron smartbridge pro, but neither is going to give you any pico information in SmartThings. :disappointed_relieved:


Thank you for the information! Sounds like if I want to use a pico remote. I should get a wink hub or Lurton hub. It seems to me ST integration with lurton is pointless,which I don’t understand why they even bothered with it. Thanks again …

Lutron Caseta offers controllable wall switches that don’t require a neutral wire at the Switch box. Many people prefer that to using an in wall micro, which is why this integration is one which people have been asking for for a long time. :sunglasses:

So definitely not pointless if you have an older house. But different people are looking for different features. Choice is good.

I can definitely understand the neutral wire problem… so if you turn the light on by your lurton switch ST will not see that it’s on ? Did I read that right above ?

No, if you turn the light on with the mains powered Lutron switch, SmartThings will be notified.

I’m not sure what happens if you turn your mains powered Lutron switch on by pressing an associated pico remote, though.

The Picos are Lutron’s recommended way of handling three-way set ups, like a switch at each end of the long hallway that both turn on the same light, do you have a mains powered Caseta light as The master at one end of the hallway and a pico as the auxiliary at the other. When you press the pico, it tells the master to turn on the light.

I just don’t know one way or the other whether pressing the pico and having the master come on that way also notifies SmartThings. Hopefully someone who has the set up can comment.

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Ah interesting so would there is a cheap lutron dimmer switch without the need for a neutral wire you could link me to ? Guess I should check my switch box to see if it has a neutral wire but I doubted that it does house was built in 95

Would these play nice with ST ? And I’m assuming the switch doesn’t need a neutral

LUTRON L-BDG2-WH Caseta Wireless Smart Bridge, HomeKit-enabled, works with Alexa https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00XPW67ZM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_FTTZyb7ZHPKJZ

LUTRON PD-6WCL-WH Caseta Wireless In-Wall Smart Dimmer Switch, White https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KLAXFQA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_sWTZybGDCV1N5

There are no “cheap” Lutron Caseta switches, but the price will vary from about $45 to about $65, so shop around. They’ll be widely available, including at Home Depot, Lowes, Best Buy, and Amazon. The one you linked to is the standard no neutral dimmer. And would work fine with SmartThings . :sunglasses:

If you haven’t got a smartbridge yet, I would definitely look at the bundle packages, as you will save some money. Again, shop around.

There are two standard Caseta wall Switch bundles. One has the SmartBridge, one inwall dimmer, one wall plate, and one pico. It should sell for just under $100, which is less than just the cost of a single switch and the bridge so even if you aren’t going to use the pico at all, it’s still a deal.

The other bundle has the smartbridge, two in wall dimmers, two wall plates and two pico’s. Again, it will cost less than just the price of the two switches and the smart bridge.


Read the product descriptions carefully, as there are also bundles with the plug in pocket sockets.

The only thing is that the bundles have the plain smartbridge, not the smartbridge pro, so if you do get those you won’t be able to use the pico’s to activate SmartThings events even with the unofficial integration. That won’t matter to some people, it’s just something to be aware of.

I personally got the SmartBridge pro even though it was about an extra $40, because I knew that there were some future integrations I might want that would need that model.

So different things work for different people. But your least expensive option will be a bundle with the plain SmartBridge, especially if you shop around. And if you buy it at Lowes or Home Depot you might be able to get an extra 10% off coupon and bring the price down even a little more. And if you don’t want the pico’s, you could probably sell those and get a little extra money back that way. So if lowest possible cost is your goal, I would use a coupon at Lowe’s/Home Depot, get the bundle, and sell the pico’s. :sunglasses:

agreed, not pointless at all. I have no neutrals in my switch boxes so the lutron integration with ST has allowed me to automate lights that I didn’t have access to previously. Pico button presses would be nice but in-wall switch only is fine for me.


Thank you so much for your help I understand lurton now.

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Ouch Amazon.com has the pro for 115.00 that seems high

Lutron L-BDGPRO-WH - Smart Bridge Pro - Adjusts Lights Shades and Temperatures from Anywhere - Programmed Via Lutron App - Connects to Wi-Fi Router - Supports Caseta Serena Sivoia Triathlon and Pico Devices - White https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00Z8AXQCQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_g2UZyb6K9D17T

$115 for the Lutron SmartBridge pro would be a pretty standard regular price. You might find it for less on sale.

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You can get the non pro bridge and a dimmer for less than $100. I normally don’t care about $40. But I went with the non pro anyway. Mainly, I wanted to wire up some outlets without neutrals, outlets that I didn’t feel like rewiring right now.

I don’t care to use the Picos like I do minimotes. The Picos are just to turn off the Lutron lights. That’s it. I’m fine with that. It’s not ideal, but it’s acceptable.

If I want to initiate some complex routine, I’ll buy more minimotes. No big deal.

In addition to adding about 10 more Lutrons, I’m going to replace the one GE dimmer I have. The hold or tap overloaded behavior is chipping away at the WAF around here. It will be gone very soon. . . . The Levitons will stay for now.