Dimmer Switch vs Z-Wave Dimmer Switch Generic - Which one and why?

I have GE and Zooz z-wave dimmers around my house.
They all work fine and they were all discovered by the app.
Today i noticed something: the GE ones have this additional “Settings” option in the app. It is possible it was always there and I missed it.



Anyway, I went to the IDE and notice this difference,
The GE one, which shows the “Settings” option has a type of “Dimmer Switch”.
Zooz type is “Z-Wave Dimmer Switch Generic”.

First I think it is funny that both names are kind of generic right (if they are not vendor specific)? :thinking: But that is not the point.

Should I switch the Zooz dimmer to “Dimmer Switch” as well - or any other device type that will take advantage of zooz capabilities?

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I use Z-wave Dimmer Switch Generic for all my dimmers after doing initial setup.

My Zooz switches have the Settings page in the new App but there’s nothing on it. I’ve got one Leviton dimmer, it does not have a Settings page.

In the Classic App, the Settings gear takes me to the list of parameters for Zooz dimmers. With the generic DTH, they’re unlabeled.


Update: FWIW, all my Zooz dimmers are ZEN27 with V2 firmware.

SmartThings JUST added the settings button to the new app and they seem to be making some changes that affect the Classic app as well. When we sent the Zooz products for certification to ST, the settings weren’t available in the new app so their team never added the advanced parameters. You could still access them in the Classic app with the custom device handler anytime, but there was no way to have them display in the new app. We’re still checking if the custom device handler is all you need to access the settings in the new app or if there’s something else that needs to be added to the mix for it all to work!


AFAIK, only difference is the Dimmer Switch DTH was originally made the GE/Jasco devices in mind and can control the configuration parameter for when the blue status light on those devices is on or off. Generic Dimmer doesn’t have that preference option. I use the Generic one for all my non-Jasco dimmers and the default Dimmer for my GE dimmers.


I hope you guys can figure out a way to leverage the “Settings” page for all your devices (which have great capabilities by the way).


Man I was wondering how to change the status of the blue LED on my GE dimmers to match the Zooz ones, now I can. It works just fine in the new app :+1:

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That’s the goal! It’s always a little messy in the beginning once a new feature is introduced on the ST app but we hope to get all devices in line as soon as possible.

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