Dimmer module that can be set to ramp up

There are several, including the GE that you already have, but two different things are required.

First, you have to set the parameters for the ramp rate appropriately. You may be able to do this just by tapping the little gear icon on the device’s details page. See the following thread for discussion of how to do that:

If that doesn’t expose the correct parameters, you can use the Z wave tweaker device type. You just temporarily assign the device to the tweaker, make the parameter changes, and then assign it back to your everyday device type handler.

And here’s the manufacturer page for the GE models on the various parameters:


OK, that’s the first part. Second, your everyday device type handler has to not try to force full on each time. As it happens, about two years ago a lot of people were complaining about the ramp up behavior, and many of the device types were modified to force “snap on,” the opposite of what you would prefer. I’m not sure if that includes the stock DTH or not, but it might.

If that’s happening, it’s not a big deal to change it, but if you do change it then your new device type Handler Will not be able to run locally because no customized code can run locally. That may be a problem or may not, but if you feel that the device is less responsive when you are using the custom handler that would probably be why.

OK, so it can be done, it can be done with many models, and it can be done with the model you already have. :sunglasses: You’ll do a one time parameter configure to get the Settings the way you want, and then you need to make sure the DTH you are using doesn’t try to get around that configuration.

Unfortunately, I am not feeling well today and I can’t walk you through the details of the steps, but I am sure there are many community members who will be glad to help.