Dimmable cabinet light controller

I’m looking to be able to use my smart things system to detect motion in my kitchen to trigger my under cabinet LED lighting (either http://radionichitech.com/zx.php or http://www.junolightinggroup.com/product_index_results.asp?ln=13&sub=13&sel1=32&sel2=300&brand=1&mid=174). In the case of the Juno products, possibly dimming the lights to full brightness.

I plan on direct wiring the LED lights, but would like to know of solutions to trigger some sort of wireless electronic relay, or wireless LED dimmer. I would prefer NOT to have a gang box for the dimmer.

Has any done this before?

I plan to do the same, not sure if I will have it on a wall plate switch or not but this may help:

GE 45603 Z-Wave Technology Wireless Lighting Control Fluorescent Light & Appliance Module

It appears to be dimmable, just not sure how well it will work with LEDs. LED can be trick to dim sometimes depending upon how you do it and the type of LEDs