Dim group of lights without turning them on

Looking for the best way to approach setting the level of a group of lights at a specific time, WITHOUT powering them on. I’m currently using the new app.

Your ability to do that will entirely depend on what lights you’re talking about. Some, no, most hardware simply doesn’t support that. Ive only seen it in certain devices recently and even then only if you’re using the vendor’s enhanced Device Handler.

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Your right I should have specified the bulbs. I’m using LIFX bulbs.

I’m going with webcore route as it doesn’t seem possible to nail this within the smartapps or automation options.

I dont think LIFX support that unfortunately. If you’re using WebCoRE then send a ‘set value=some arbitrary number’ to the bulb without sending ‘turn on’ first. You’ll know very quickly if the bulb can do it.