Define bulb level without turning the light?


I’m wondering if it’s possible to set a level for a bulb depending on the time, without actually turning the light, just making it ready to turn on at the desire level when needed.

For instance, turn bulb on at 90% from 19:00 to 21:00 and turn on at 10% from 21:00 to 6:00

In the Smart Light app there is the option “Turn on and define level” but I don’t want to turn it on automatically, just define level.

I’m using Sengled smart bulbs mainly controlled by voice with google home minis.

Thank you for any help!

Webcore could do it. You would not adjust the level and have it be ready, but just set the level based on whatever criteria you want to use. .Mode, time , etc.

I do this with some under counter lighting in my kitchen. At night I have them come on and stay on at very low level for a night light, and they turn off at sunrise. If I later in the day ask Alexa to turn on the lights they would come on at the night light level and I would have to then ask to have them adjusted to 100%.

With webcore I set a piston that if they are turned on between sunrise and sunset then automatically set them at 100%. I could add many more options if I so desired. I also have similar things set up with various closet lighting based on time of day and modes.

I also just added a migraine switch for my wife. If she tells Alexa she has a migraine it sets this simulated switch and all of the auto lighting is turned off. Any light that does come on comes on a very low levels. Webcore will give you much more flexibility in setting up lighting.


I suspect that webCoRE will be the only way to do that. If you tell the light a level (that is not 0) it will turn on as a result. webCoRE would allow you to store the level value somewhere (laying in wait :)) and only apply it when the light is turned on.

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Unfortunately, when you ask Webcore to set level is also turns the light on at that level.The thing to do would be to set a variable with the value you want and use that at the time need the light turned on.

You don’t really need to set a variable, although it would certainly work that way as well.

No, but if you want to preset what the level will be without actually turning on the light then you do. I have a piston for my porch light and just issuing a “Set level to 30%” turns the light on.

nothing prevents anyone to adapt a bulb DTH to behave the same. The current code of some bulb immediately call for zigbee.setlevel(level) when you modify the slider value as a convenience but the setlevel could be sent rather than on event by the dth when it knows the value changed from the last time it was on and now, when it receives the on command.

As I said that is one way to do it, but it’s not really necessary. More than one way to skin a cat as they say.