Digital life contact sensors

Hi, I have a ST v2 hub and I would like to use the z-wave contact sensors from a defunct att digital life installation.

These are the “surface mount” sensors: sw-att-v2

Is this possible? I have opened the case of the sensor but can find no way to put it into pairing mode.

I think the AT&T sensors are actually non-zwave, or they may be using the z-wave protocol on a modified frequency: 433MHz. They are definitely not in the 900MHz spectrum… so you won’t be able to pair them to ST directly. I use them with AT&T and have an integration that brings them all into ST, but they’re not directly connected to ST.

I also think some work on the 915Mhz, if you have a signal booster, look at its part number. SW-ATT-RPTR4 works on 433MHz, SW-ATT-RPTR9 works on 915MHz.

Mine works on 433MHz:

433 mhz, yes; zwave, no.

Unfortunately, not compatible with SmartThings.

Many security systems use proprietary encoding on 433 MHz. But that’s not zwave.

Ah, that is a shame. Thank you for the clarification.

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