Digital Bedtime Stories

Hey guys,

I wanted to post a story for all the first time parents. I currently work in the retail field and work late nights and long shifts. My wife and I just recently had our first child two months ago and I was looking for a way I could read her bedtime stories if I’m working late nights. Using ActionTiles, SmartThings, CoRE, Sonos, and a digital media server. I’m able to record myself reading books and have my wife play them for her simply by pressing a button on a tablet. This has added a level of convenience and a touch of parenting that I dont thing any other platform can provide. ActionTiles has made the experience for my wife extremely simple. She doesn’t need to pull out any device and search for a track hidden within folders. All she simply has to do is press one button and the action is complete.

Here is a video detailing and showing off the automation.


Very cool solution to a common problem!

I’m also at work late sometimes, even more so when my kids were just born. Just keep in mind that for an infant’s brain, screen time isn’t a great substitute for real world interaction (even when dad is on the screen!). Probably better than nothing though, and if your wife (or other caregiver in the room) can make it as interactive as possible that hopefully helps too.

I didn’t think Dad was on the screen for the child to look at. It seemed like the recording was playing through the speaker. The tablet was just a convenience for his wife to start the recorded story playing.

That is awesome! Your baby hearing your voice will bring her comfort and peace. That is really a great project.

Good job dad!

Ah, I’m looking more closely now at the video in the OP, I thought that was him reading a recorded story but it’s a video of how he set up the automation. Cool either way.