Differentiate access to users across multiple hubs

I have three properties with an ST hub in each. I’ve added users to control them in other properties, but I don’t want others to see events or notifications from the hub in my house. Is there any way to segregate them?

It doesn’t look like there is a way to give different permissions to users of the same hub (unless I’m wrong), but what about other hubs on the same account?

Not at this time.

What most people who have housemates or renters or kids where they want to limit access use SmartTiles. It’s a very popular dashboard app that runs in a browser, so it will work on most smart phones. It’s customizable, so you can limit each phone to just the devices you want them to see. And they don’t have admin access.


You can find much discussion of it in the community, including a thread where people post pictures and examples of various tablets and layouts that they’re using with it. :sunglasses:

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Thanks, JD!

To be accurate, unfortunately the current version of SmartTiles (v5.8) no longer provides as convenient sharing functionality. When SmartThings required SmartTiles to have the user login to the IDE to access a dashboard, it ironically, eliminated the security granularity benefit, as that password is the same as can be used in the SmartThings mobile App.

Login is back under our control in V6 and we also will again provide users enhanced ability to share specific dashboards to specific other users.

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