Difference between hubs?

As stated in previous topic, my v2 died in the lightning strike yesterday.

And I seemingly can choose from 2 different new hubs, V3 smartthings aeotec hub, and aeotec smartthings enabled hub. The last one is newer and more expensive.

What is the difference here?
I thought it was only one β€œv3” SmartThings made by aeotec, but aeotecs website says its smart to upgrade from both v2 and V3 to the new aeotec smartthings enabled hub.
And v1 is no longer supported. (I knew this, but quoting)

Is this a joke, why not call it something different then, and what’s the difference?

There is only one Aeotec Smart Home hub that has been released up to this point. There was a SmartThings V3 hub which got rebranded under the Aeotec brand but they are the same. Then there is the V2 hub. I would skip the V2 hub.

Go with the Aeotec Smart Home hub that works with ST.


Thanks, I was suspecting this, that they where writing about the same one, V3-aeotec.
But in the way they wrote it, it was seemingly two, hence my question.

I ordered the V3, the v2 was the one I had, but not available anymore.