Did Apple just open HomeKit?

Yeah, we’ll probably get local processing first. (If ever.) but it does look like there will be a software – only path for locally-connected devices that support Bon Jour and meet apple’s encryption requirements. Whether or not SmartThings chooses to pursue that route is a different question, of course.

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Yep. I’m hoping this will enable someone to build a Z-Wave-to-HAP bridge. Then, farewell SmartThings. :slight_smile:


Belkin is adding a Wemo to HomeKit bridge. I assume it would be same thing for SmartThings?

Under The old rules, not the same. The Belkin project would be the same as the Phillips hue bridge or the Logitech POP button bridge. Those have an additional hardware chip and are limited to lighting devices.

But with the two new rules that were announced at WWDC this month, things may change a lot. In particular the fact that the special hardware chip is no longer going to be required. But we will just have to wait-and-see how it affects SmartThings, if it does at. all.

Beyond technical reasons, I’m guessing Samsung could insert themselves in this one. It’s a shame since SmartThings could enter a market need that exists - people with iOS devices that also have zwave/zigbee devices.

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By all means, yes. I would believe there are roughly 50%(or more) users who use iOS to control their SmartThings controlled zigbee/zwave devices.

Moreover, enabling HomeKit either through a bridge or in the hardware will be a big push(and compelling) for many users to upgrade to a new hub.

As a matter of fact, I have not moved from v1 as v2 is not compelling enough for me to move! local processing? anyone? I am sure many of them will agree with me.

Call me lazy, I really did not want to spend the time to manually move my devices to v1 to v2.

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I’m right there with you…I haven’t moved either because of the amount of manual work involved.

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Hello, any new if this will be happening ?